The Secrets of ERonis 8

About the Book:

Leaving the homeworld was easy. Time becoming their enemy is the hard part.

The spacecraft, The Aspire, has one mission: reach the new world so its 3,500 passengers can start a new life. When Captain Mitchel Remian awakens from hypersleep to find life support down and the crew maintaining it missing, it’s up to him to save what’s left.

That Herculean task becomes even more urgent when a hostile alien presence is discovered. Crew are dying, their timelines seized and bled dry with an unnatural violence.

They must find a way to treat the ship and stop this malevolence before they get to their target destination or it will spread. The answers hide outside The Aspire’s walls, but in the race against time with a life-sucking enemy and a deteriorating spaceship, it will take every bit of cunning the crew can muster to reclaim their timelines and survive landing on their new homeworld.

The Secrets of Eronis 8 is a thrilling adventure, exploring planet colonization and first contact science fiction. It is an odyssey across our galaxy to start a new life in a new colony, but first they must defeat a time-altering alien menace.


By Tracey Canole

Published July 27, 2023

“This book throws you into hyper-speed from the first chapter! The Aspire is in trouble from the start and the crew has a lot of work to do before landing on a new planet. To make things worse an unknown parasite has made its way on board. Depending on the parasite you get, the crew either age forward in time…or backwards. This book is told by 3 POVs, fast paced, full of twist and turns, and leaves you on the edge wanting more!”   — Goodreads Reviewer


Eden Falls

About the Book:

Breaking the rules is required when it will save humanity’s last safe harbor. Nathan just doesn’t understand why it’s up to him.

Nathan Hurst always believed he was a normal guy with a normal life until the day the trucks came.

Ripped from his home and loaded onto a waiting spacecraft without explanation, he and hundreds of others are ferried to a distant asteroid, Ixion, equipped with the peak of all technology. Here they learn they’re the last and best of the human race, chosen for their genetic compatibility. Those left behind are doomed to extinction, trapped on an Earth soon to be destroyed.

Many of his companions accept their role and try to build a new life on Ixion. But not everyone believes Earth has perished. As conspiracy theories blossom, someone begins to sabotage the asteroid’s infrastructure. If Nathan can untangle the truth from the lies and assumptions, he and his friends may be able to save Ixion. If they can’t, there’s nowhere left to go.


By Arthur Quinn

Published February 12, 2023

★ ★ EDEN FALLS is a post-apocalyptic adult science fiction adventure filled with strong friendships, new world exploration, and intrigue. ★★


Source Evolution

About the Book:

Rules don’t apply here on Goliath, and things aren’t what they seem. But one thing is clear. If they can’t learn to work together, they’ll fail before the fight begins.

Reena Novak and her crew made it aboard the vessel that will take them to Goliath—the fragment of the rogue planet floating in the Pacific Ocean. They know The Source sits somewhere upon it, waiting. They also know it’s damaging the Earth. It’s time to fix what’s broken, but tensions are high and trust between the Novak Army and Remy is shaky at best. They must learn each other’s powers, and figure out how to link to one another or the mission is lost.

The closer they get, the stranger things become. Reena’s visions are stronger, and a new threat raises its head. The others feel the change too, and when these odd occurrences add up, the crew must join together to figure out what it all means.

Goliath is not what they expect. Nothing makes sense here, but the further they travel into its depths, the more the clues line up. Were all of Reena’s visions true? And if so, what could that mean for their success? Let’s hope Reena can put the pieces together before The Source destroys everything they hold dear.


By Tracey Canole

Published April 26, 2022

“The final installment in this series was excellent! I loved how everything started to fall into place, but there were still plenty of surprises! Especially when Reena and her crew get to the source- I was not expecting anything that happened- all in the best way!”  — Amazon Reader


Source Ignited

About the Book:

Insignificant to hunted. Who knew having super powers would make me so popular? I guess I’ll have to use it to my advantage.

The end of the modern world. ✓Check.
Development of powers linked to the ash trailing Goliath. ✓Check.
Visions and dreams calling Reena to The Source. ✓Check.
Finding herself again. ✓Check.

It’s been a crazy few weeks. Every step has forced Reena to master her ability to control magnetic fields. Each decision has pushed her forward, but they have also risked those she loves.

Reena will do anything to get the man she loves back, even if it means sacrificing herself, but being hunted complicates things. She’s drawn the attention of the ones she fears most — the Deranged. Now that they have her scent, they’ll never stop hunting her.

Her mission has not changed. The Source still calls to her, and she’s closer than ever to understanding why. She must hurry, though, because things are changing in the world. The ever-increasing storms, strange migration patterns, and that feeling of wrongness in her chest is getting worse. As her powers grow, the more she senses something’s coming and fears she won’t be able to protect those she loves.

Reena needs her polar opposite by her side, but Remy still blames her for his uncle’s death. More importantly, the Deranged are closing in. It’s time to get to the coast, convince Remy to join their cause, and find a way to The Source. Perhaps, with the help of some new friends and a few miracles, Reena can put the pieces together before the damage is too great to repair.


By Tracey Canole

Published April 26, 2022

“This is the second (out of three) book of the Source Rising Series. I could not stop reading, I needed to know what happened next! You fall in love with the characters and become invested in their future in the uncertain world that the crashing of Goliath created. Highly recommend this book & series!” 


Source Awakening

About the Book:

It’s funny how being trapped in an avalanche can make you rethink your past mistakes. They said the world was safe. I guess they were wrong.

Reena Novak was just a normal girl until the rogue planet Goliath entered the atmosphere, ending the world as she knew it. Now, the mysterious ash trailing after Goliath has absorbed into her skin, and she’s seeing things she can’t explain — images of an ethereal swirling liquid and ever-changing landscapes. They haunt her, just like the powers developing within her.

Tension is high as she and her ex-best friend, Jaxson, must work together to reach their families. But it isn’t until he saves her life with new abilities that she realizes she’s not the only one changed by the ash. What are these powers and why do they only appear in some?

After meeting Remy, a stranger with powers both like and unlike hers, Reena is determined to find the common link. But the only clue she has are the dreams and the pull she feels in her chest to some unknown force called The Source and the power it wields. It calls to them all, but why?

Is this another test, a punishment for the way she’s treated Jaxon, or something else? Reena must restore her relationship with Jaxson, protect those she loves, and stop anyone who might use the power of The Source for personal gain. Or what’s left of this world will disappear forever.

By Tracey Canole

Published January 18, 2022

“From the first page, I was on Team Reena. I remember making stupid decisions in high school for stupid reasons, and being angry at myself for them, so I found her very relatable. This isn’t your standard apocalypse story…it has a fallible hero who gets emotional and makes stupid (yet completely understandable) decisions in highly stressful situations. Yet, she is still competent and maintains her humanity. I could literally FEEL every one of Reena’s emotions as she faced each obstacle, and her motivations and reactions are authentic. I can’t wait to read book 2!”  — Michelle Darnell, Author


Another Fuggin’ War Story

About the Book:

This story is written by a lifelong pothead. Me. Most of it is probably true, if not a little exaggerated. So, if there’s any question on the veracity of my tale, I’ll refer to you elsewhere because only those who were there know the truth.

What I can tell you is how overwhelming it is to have someone’s life in my hands while secretly wondering what the hell to do next. But here I am, everyone looking for me to save them. No matter, I’ll keep my guys alive if it’s the last thing I do. Then, when it’s over, I’ll undoubtedly find some trouble to get into because life’s too short not to have a little fun.

The waiting joint is my reward, promising great ideas to keep me busy. If only they didn’t backfire so spectacularly – like the time I took on the rat infestation with C4 and an ammo can, when I caused myself to be whipped by a 100-foot tree, or the time I blew up half of the encampment. Now all I have to do is stay out of my C.O.’s line of sight, which is not as easy a task as you might think.

By Herald Paetow

Published July, 12, 2021

“This is not a traditional war story, but instead a journey of a young man coming of age in a war-torn country. From the moments of crisis where he shows his true grit to save a life, to the trouble he gets into daily, you won’t be bored. And it’s all true.” – P. B. Lee, Spec. 4

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